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No Worries

Posted in Love with tags , on October 28, 2008 by chibipyrosama

Oct.28, 2008

No Worries

You know, this is going to sound like something you would hear out of a book and maybe you’ve heard it before in other places also but…(I know this will sound a little wrong!) It’s okay to be rough with me. See, there are different types of rough-there is the kind where it’s meant to hurt someone and the kind that is used to describe something not meant in a hurtful way. I know you don’t want to cause any damage and believe me when I say you won’t.

When I receive a hug it’s nice but you mention that you sometimes just want to squeeze me tighter but don’t want to hurt me. I would think that by now you would know that it takes alot for me to actually end up hurting physically. I fell out of a tree! And didn’t notice any cuts until I had to take a shower. I had a swing set dropped on my head! Sure that might have messed up my brain but I’m here*laugh*. Even then I didn’t cry from the pain cus I really didn’t feel any. I cried cus I was left there while someone went to go have Pizza!*laugh* I’ve had so many injuries and have come out okay. Now those are meant to hurt.

How could I possibly feel any actual pain from the way you want to hug me or anything for that matter. I know you mean it all in a loving way and with that in mind, I will never be hurt by it. I’m sorry I’m not a dainty girl who will say things like “Ow!!! I broke a nail!” . I’m the girl who says “*gasp*Damn it! My nail broke! Just when it was growing a little long. Oh well, back to square one.” In my family we’ve never held ourselves back when we wanted to express our love. If I wanted to crush Wendy in a hug, I would do it until she screamed cus I loved her so much and in a way the harder we squeeze the more we know how much we love. I know its weird. I rough house with my brothers and sisters to the point that we punch each other. But we never take any of it bad. I know you’ve seen us just punch out of nowhere while saying “I love you!”. That’s how we are and I don’t want to scare you back or anything but just make you understand that while society has taught, for many years, that girls must be treated gently and cared for like porcelain dolls; I taught myself differently because I don’t see myself in that matter and I didn’t want to be bunched in with “all girls”. I live by my own Saby way and it works for me. So I will fight, I will chase, I will wrestle, I will bite(not hard), I will scratch(also not hard), I will rough house like crazy and never worry that its harmful. I like being this way. So, when I know that you do it out of love-how could I possibly feel any pain or see it hurtful.

It’s okay to hug, it’s okay to tackle, it’s okay to do anything you want as long as there is love behind it. Who wants to live a normal life and be treated like other girls? Not me! I’m not a usual girl and I like it this way. Why ask for a Diamond ring when I could ask for a chocolate chip cookie? Why would I want to go to fancy restaurants when I could go to the park and just be with you? Why go to a large store when the swap meet is much more fun? Why go out to the movies and spend money when I can download them and watch them at home with any snacks we want and wearing a giant, comfy sweater(and its cheaper!!!! WHOOO!!!!)?

Other girls have asked me what you do for me, what you give me or tell me to ask you for things. I give them this look of “Heck no! I already get the best out of him!” I notice the way they think and it makes me laugh because in group conversations I have nothing in common with them when it comes to talking about relationships. They talk about gifts, I talk about gestures. They talk about fights, I talk about playful banters. They talk about annoyances, I talk about loving qualities. They talk about break-ups, I stare like this—> O.O! *laugh*

I’m definitely not the same! So (This is going to sound wrong so, people get your minds out of the gutter!) Be Rough With Me. It can’t hurt me when the meaning behind it is much more.