LOOK…..It’s SABY!!!!

I am a 24 year old nobody. I live my life the so that it makes me happy because living it the way others would like me to just would’nt work.I rarely follow the rules and have a bad habit of being too curious for my own good. I have moments of “Saby insanity” in which things that may not make sense in the real world, will make sense to me so I will actually go ahead and try them. Needless to say, they never work. I also have the worst sense of direction. I still put my ‘right hand over my heart’ to figure out which way is left and it has been proven many times that even if I were given a map pointing me straight where I should go….I will end up lost! Yeah….its a curse. I have a fantastic boyfriend who will one day change this world. Though many will laugh at this and be like “everyone says that” I know I speak the truth. And one day you will see him as a successful famous person and think “I’ve seen his picture before…”Then you will remember him from my blogs here.  Hee! never finished college and I just work jobs here and there. I currently work at Mervyn’s but…that’s going down the drain. After almost a year of working there, i will be unemployed once again. But I’m trying to think positive! Cus being sad Sucks!

I love reading and listening to music. It’s my passion! If I had a gift for writing, believe me I would do it. Sadly, I’m only a talented story teller. I don’t follow the ways of the world cus I only follow my Saby way. Not many people can understand my Saby ways but to those very few who can…Yay! I love learning about various cultures and I’m a big Anime Japanese culture fan. I have gone to the Anime Expo every year for the last 5 years. I love horror, gothic, and anything that has to do with that kind of genre.


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