Sunday, January 18,2009

Not ready to give up!

Wow, Long time no blog, huh? Well, so much has happened but I’m okay with it. First, The store I worked out went out of business. Yes, I worked at Mervyns who sadly went bankrupt. I dont mind not working but the thing I miss the most is the people. In the begining it was hard trying to get back into the role of not working but..I think i have adapted pretty well…Maybe…yeah. At least I have a bit more time for myself…to do..stuff. Yeah, I got nothing!*laugh*

Second, is that my family is suffering from lack of money, as is the rest of the economy. It’s not as bad as others but its still bad enough for us to worry a bit. But, we will prevail!!! We are Royale!!!  Aside from alot of sad and bad I am pretty happy. Why lie? I’m extremely happy!!!! I have so much that I never believed I would ever have.  I am a very lucky and grateful person. Now, all I have to do is find a new job to get back on track! Yes, sir, I won’t give in so easy.


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  1. I Love the picture ^-^

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