Damn Gaia!

Let's Dance!

Let Dance!

Oct. 27, 2008

Damn Gaia!

So today I was walking by my sister Wendy as she played on the Lap top. I saw, what looked like a DDR Game for your fingers on the screen! Saby was very excited! I stopped to watch her play and quickly asked to play after she passed a level. Wendy said “sure!” and got up immediately. I sat down really psyched to play this awesome game. I was ready to give my small chubby fingers some exercise! I was ready for Ultimate status!

So, there i go…playing on easy and it was pretty easy. I did miss a few cus I was just getting into the groove but soon I went to…….MEDIUM! Once I passed that I was going for the goal…I was going for HARD! So….I didn’t pass it and wendy had been playing for awhile raising her up a few levels and I lost all of that for her. See, apparently, there are 21 levels and at each level they raise the bar on how good of a percentile you need to get to proceed to the next level. I started all the way at the beginning determined to get Wendy her big prize by passing the last level with the needed 100%. I was going at it! My fingers were stomping and moving quickly. I was cheering for myself out loud. I was bouncing to the music memorizing each note. I was in the zone! Soon, level 19 was upon me and I knew that victory was well in my reach. Triumphantly, I started the level and tapped my fingers to the beat. Suddenly, Wendy spoke up and mentioned something funny. To my horror, I laughed out loud causing me to miss a step! I kept going reassuring myself that it was only a note….just one little missed note. When I reached the end of the level I looked up at the screen as I saw the words “Game Over” come up. It seems I needed a 95% to move on and that missed note caused me to only receive a 94%!!!Man! I was so close and I was proud at that fact to! When I went to type in a comment saying “Do I at least get a consolation prize?” I noticed it did not show up. Curious I opened up the speech box and froze as “SERVER DISCONNECTED” Appeared before my eyes. I couldn’t believe it…I had been playing the whole time on a disconnected server so even if I did win the game I would never have gotten the prize. I WAS PLAYING FOR NOTHING! Everything I had been striving for would have been for nothing if I had won. I started laughing and couldn’t stop! I was so happy I didn’t beat the game cus i would have been really mad! Wendy jumped in and started laughing along with me. I actually started to cry cus I was laughing so hard. Wendy just patted me on the back and said “It’s ok.” Damn gaia!


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